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Bookkeeping is the core of any type of business. iCount provides your business the necessary bookkeeping tools for your daily operation, including invoices and receipts, billing, reconciliation, tax management and much more


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iCount is an omni-solution, that provides the tools you need to run your business. Invoicing, project management, inventory, payments,  time tracking and more. You choose the tools you need and are right for your unique business.
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Bookkeeping with iCount


Our bookkeeping interface was built for non-bookkeepers so it's easy and intuitive.


We know how scary the web can be and we want you to know that we got your back.


Multi currency bookkeeping is one of many advanced features that exist in iCount.


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No matter what you do – if you run a business you will come across some level of bookkeeping. There’s no way around it.

Granted, some of you reading this are actual bookkeepers, so you may not find this intimidating, but the majority of business owners don’t really enjoy bookkeeping and run businesses that have nothing to do with it, yet still they have to issue invoices and receipts, handle banks and payments, manage hours and track projects – all, activities that generally will not yield more profits.

iCount is here to provide a better interface and improve the experience business owners have when they perform these daily tasks. Our goal is to minimize the time a business owner will spend on bookkeeping tasks.

Generally you will manage leads, oversee their growth into actual quotes, then into proformas and invoices and then finally into receipts. This process may sound simple and it generally is, but we as business owners want more information because we know and understand that the richer our bookkeeping and CRM systems are, the higher the chances we will have in maximizing out profits and re-selling operations.

Bookkeeping is only one piece of the puzzle. It must work in unison with the CRM, inventory management, project management and time tracking operations and when possible be as automated as possible – not only to save time, but also to minimize human errors.

Bookkeeping from your Smartphone


Use any device available to perform your daily bookkeeping. Our app is a perfect example of the flexibility and continuity your business gains from using our services. 

Never lose sight of your data and never forget to issue your bookkeeping documents for your clients. It’s easy and it works on any device.

Bookkeeping from your Computer


The browser based version of iCount offers the most advanced level of bookkeeping, allowing you to manage multiple profit centers, integrate your invoicing with your inventory, convert tracked hours into invoices, convert pro-formas into invoices and much more.

Your bookkeeping data can be transferred to your CPA very easily at the right time, thus ensuring your never lose any bookkeeping data.

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