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The CRM you’ve been looking for is right here.

Use iCount to manage your customers, your tasks, and to log different events such as calls, contracts and more. 

It’s not “just” a CRM, it’s a CRM that is completely integrated into your entire business.


All In One Platform

For any type of business

iCount is an omni-solution, that provides the tools you need to run your business. Invoicing, CRM, project management, inventory, payments,  time tracking and more. You choose the tools you need and are right for your unique business.
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Top 3 things about

iCount's CRM

100% Integrated

No more passing information between systems. Accounting, Projects, CRM - all working together.

Not scary!

Have you seen these other CRMs out there? So did we! It was like a horror movie. Ours is different

Smart and Customizable

You control the type of information you want to store, we provide the easiest interface for it

Optimizing your CRM

with iCount

Your CRM is there to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. It should help you store as much information as possible and use this information in the best possible way.

Naturally your interactions with your customers include financial transactions, emails, invoices, refunds, quotes, inventory, services and more, which means that they are usually logged in many different systems.

Well, with iCount you don’t need multiple systems because iCount gives you invoicing, time tracking, project management and many other services along with an integrated CRM. If you have a lead in your CRM and you issue an invoices to this lead, it automatically becomes a customer. That customer’s card keeps all the data from when it was a lead and you can assign tasks related to this customer, log calls with this customer, manage appointments and assign automated macros.

Having an integrated CRM means that your back office work load will decrease significantly and that there will be no data loss. Our CRM will leave you with more time to focus on what you love and promote your business, and it will improve your relationship with your customers.

CRM from your Smartphone


Use any device available to access your CRM data. Assign tasks, log information, contact your customers and improve your business. Our app is a perfect example of the flexibility and continuity your business gains from using our services. 

Never lose sight of your data and never forget a promise to a customers. It’s easy and it works on any device.

CRM for multiple agents


With iCount there’s no limit on the number of agents that can use the CRM at the same time, so no matter where your team members are, or how many team members you have, your entire operation’s CRM is synced, updated, and online.

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