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Invoicing customers – hassle free.

Use iCount for your invoicing needs and enjoy beautifully designed documents, that allow your customers to self-pay for them, digitally store them and much more.


All In One Platform

For any type of business

iCount is an omni-solution, that provides the tools you need to run your business. Invoicing, CRM, project management, inventory, payments,  time tracking and more. You choose the tools you need and are right for your unique business.
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Top 3 things about

Invoicing with iCount

Easy & Quick

Issue invoices and receipts easily and quickly and get things done, no matter where you are.

Secure and professional

Your invoices will always look professional and will be stored securely by our team.

Smart and Customizable

Associate invoices to profit centers, different sort codes, link them to inventory and much more!

Creating a Winning Invoice

for your services

Digital invoices save you time and save you money. These invoices can be sent via email and will reach your customer immediately. Each invoice sent via email will also be tracked so that you know when the customer gets it, and if and when the customer opened it.

iCount’s invoices are smart. They can serve as actual payment pages so that when your customers get the invoices, they can click on a link and pay for them immediately thus improving your billing. These invoices can include a mixture of different currencies and taxes and all the information from these invoices will automatically be translated into your reports.

When you issue invoices with iCount, you can manually type what it is you are selling and how much it costs, and you can also select items from your inventory. These invoice items can be physical items or even services that exist in your inventory as a price list. In addition to linking to your inventory, each invoice is linked to a customer from your customer database so you have a complete history of all the invoices for your customers under one system.

Naturally, you can’t talk about customers without mentioning CRM. With iCount – the CRM is already built in, and you can assign tasks based on invoices, log events based on invoices and even manage your pipeline that will read all the information automatically from your invoices. 

Now that‘s what we call – smart invoicing.

Invoicing from your Smartphone


Use any device available to access your accounting data and to issue invoices. Our app is a perfect example of the flexibility and continuity your business gains from using our services. 

Never lose sight of your data and never forget to invoices your clients. It’s easy and it works on any device.

Invoicing from your Computer


The browser based version of iCount offers the most advanced level of invoicing, allowing you to manage multiple profit centers, integrate your invoicing with your inventory, convert tracked hours into invoices, convert pro-formas into invoices and much more.

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