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Our time tracking app lets you log your employees’ work hours and let’s your employees log their work activities.

They get paid because you get paid.

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iCount is an omni-solution, that provides the tools you need to run your business. Invoicing, CRM, project management, inventory, payments,  time tracking and more. You choose the tools you need and are right for your unique business.
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Top 3 things about

Time Tracking with iCount

Zero Hardware

Our punch-clock does not require physical installation of expensive devices.


You can automate punch-in and punch-out of work based on your physical location.


Integrates directly with your reporting, project management and much more.

Time Tracking

with iCount

Time Tracking is a must have feature if you have employees or even if you work alone and charge your customers by the hour. 

Punchio, our time tracking app, allows several features and its purpose is to store time tracking information directly into your business management software so that managing your billing and your payroll would be as easy as possible.

Punchio, has two main features. The main one is for you, the boss, to track employee working hours and turn those hours into payslips. The second is for the employees to log hours worked for customer so that you, the boss, can convert those hours into billable hours and then into invoices.

The process of time tracking and converting tracked hours into billable hours and invoices is extremely important as it ensures that your customers get full transparency – they will see each billable hour and its description, and it ensures that you, as a business, remain organized and bill for every hour.

The Punchio app lets your employees report hours from any location and the reports can even include their geo-location so that can track that as well. Employees that work from the office can track their hours from the browser just as easily.

Punchio - The Time Tracking App


Why spend your hard earned money on expensive, ugly hardware when you can let your employees use their own devices? 

Use Punchio – the time tracking app from any iPhone or Android device. It’s easy!

Time Tracking From Your Desktop


When needed, your employees can punch in and punch out using their browsers. Once punched in they can execute time tracking and log hours worked  for customers easily and securely from their browser.

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