Open API

Integrate anything

An open API means that you can perform any action you want in iCount through a programmable interface. This means iCount can integrate with any other platform with no additional charges.

The API Is For Developers

If you are not a developer there are numerous services that provide programming services so you can rest assured that no matter how revolutionary your idea or need is, there’s always someone out there that can develop it for you.

With our API, businesses have developed integrations on multiple levels. Some already had their internal billing infrastructure and only wanted us for invoicing, while others wanted to integrate their existing full blown CRM solution with the billing platform in iCount. 


for everything

Our API is split into methods for every different part in the system. There’s a method for billing, a method for documents, a method for clients, etc. Each method carefully lays out all the different parameters in a simple documentation method.


is key

Our API is secure, and highly encrypted. The credentials used for making the API calls can also be limited for added security, and data relating to your API activity is constantly logged.


Third Party

automation tools

In many cases we see that non-programmers like using external tools like Zapier and Integromat for their solutions. That’s absolutely fine and we do not charge anything extra is you choose to use these tools.


are here to help

Don’t forget that many automated operations need a hook that triggers them. Our API allows many additional WebHooks that can really reduce loads and overhead.

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