The CRM you've been dreaming about

Who said that business software should begin and end with accounting? With iCount, you’ll also get built-in customer relationship management to help you keep track of every task, meeting, and message and wow your customers.

Accounting system integration

Employee and client management

Streamline processes and generate insights

Take total control of your business

Our task management feature allows you to define task types and assign them to different employees or suppliers. Gain complete control over all of your business’s processes at the push of a button.

Management and optimization in one

Tired of losing track of where your customers are in your sales or customer service process? Our Pipeline page lets you set milestones so each time a customer moves to the next stage, your employees can move their tab to the next milestone. And best of all? You’ll generate important insights while you’re at it.

Make time for the important stuff

Scheduling meetings with clients can be a pain. Half the time, they ask you to move the meeting, then move it again, then cancel it, then reschedule it – wasting your valuable time.

With our self-booking feature, customers can schedule, move, and cancel meetings with you or your employees all on their own – requiring no action on your part.

Nothing gets past you

When multiple customer comments and requests all come in at once, it can be hard to keep tabs on them all. Our documentation feature makes sure you don’t miss a thing. With full archive management of all the data from any given job, all information sent to or received from your customers can be recorded and stored to their customer file. This feature also lets you specify a status for customers to help you manage leads, prospects, and customers all with the same convenient interface.
A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system centralizes all business activity in one place. It stores all of your customer data, consolidating communications, documents, and tasks.

Our system includes:

  • Customer management 
  • Integration with the accounting system
  • Employee management
  • Task management and assignment 
  • Schedule management, including a feature that allows customers to self-schedule a meeting without added fuss – or unnecessary phone calls
  • Customer service documentation 


Best of all, all of these features allow for important workflow optimization and generating valuable insights. 

A CRM allows you to gather all your information in one place, document past and present processes, and draw insights. It creates order, enabling efficient business management accessible at any time. You can perform all of your processes in the same system without purchasing or learning any additional business software.

CRM software is an important and useful tool that saves you from having to use additional systems. In addition to customer management, our solution also offers several other features to help you conduct business efficiently in one place, document all of your processes, and manage accounting. Think of it as a single information center that serves your business at all times.

Not at all. Our CRM software is user-friendly, convenient, and easy to understand for all users, regardless of their tech expertise (or lack thereof). The system is built in the simplest, most user-friendly way so you can get started quickly without any problems.

Let’s get down to business

Our system is so good you’ll have to see it to believe it. That’s why we offer a 45-day free trial with the full suite of features.
Our selected features

Automatic production of documents


through credit or bank account


Setting up and/or connecting a credit card terminal


Management of customers, employees and tasks


Cash register for your physical store


control the budget of each project


Your time is translated into an invoice


Know exactly what you have in store, digital or physical, at any moment.


Record business expenses easily


Customer payment reminders


Connect our system to yours

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