Auto Repair Invoicing – All You Need to Know


If you operate an auto repair shop, there is something you love much more than business, and that’s cars. Yet like any business, auto repair company owners must deal with the bookkeeping side of things, and when your days are rather spent elbow deep in motor oil and shop work, you want to keep invoicing as simple and efficient as possible.

The best way to do this is to incorporate auto repair invoice software to the business. Choose a system that is easy to use and enables you to quickly create invoices online, with all the features necessary to meet the varied needs of the business, without wasting any precious time.

Let’s take a deeper look into how auto repair invoicing and estimating can work with an online system.


Invoice Template For Auto Repair

One of the major advantages of invoicing software is the range of ready-made templates available, which can be used for all the different invoicing requirements. A good invoice template has all the necessary fields already built in. All you need to do is enter the specific information about the customer and the car repair job, and it is automatically implemented and generated into a complete professional invoice.

Although the invoice template is ready-made, it is also important that the system allows for customization so you can adapt the invoice template for your business and billing needs. This means you can add your business logo, and you’ll have the room to include any of the wide variety of jobs that are carried out at your auto repair shop. This way, you get the best of both worlds – a ready template that is quick and easy to use, with the ability to customize to adapt it to your auto repair business.


What to Include in Your Auto Repair Invoice

An invoice for car repairs must include certain information to be valid and complete. Here are the basic fields that should be part of every auto repair invoice template:

Name and address of the auto repair company

This must be the same as the company’s registered name and address.

Business ID numbers

Any relevant business IDs should appear on the invoice. This will depend on the laws of the specific state or country. 

Invoice number

Each automotive invoice must have its own unique number, which should appear clearly on the document. If you create your auto repair invoice online, the software system will automatically designate a number according to previous invoice numbers.

Date of issue

The date the invoice was created and issued is very important and should feature clearly on the invoice. 

Customer name and address

The customer’s details are included in the top area of the invoice. These details must be verified as the correct ones for the customer’s own bookkeeping records. 

Item list

An invoice for car repairs must include a list of all items that the customer is being billed for. This usually includes two types of items: parts and labor. 


If there are taxes that must be applied, such as VAT, these should be included here.

Total amount 

The total amount is a calculation of the sum of all parts, labor, and taxes, minus any discounts. It represents the final charge of the invoice, and the amount owed by the customer.

Payment Due Date

This is the due date for the invoice. The customer must pay by this date or will incur late payment fees or other penalties, depending on your company policy.

Terms & Conditions

An invoice for car repairs should include the terms and conditions towards the bottom. This section clearly states important things the customer must be aware of, such as payment methods, policies for late fees, guarantees or warranties, and any other pertinent information.


Tips for Auto Repair Invoices 

There are several aspects of auto repair invoicing that make it unique when compared to other types of businesses. Here are the main ones to watch out for:

Invoicing for parts: Car repair invoices typically have two types of charges: parts and labor. The parts section covers all the equipment you use and must charge for, such as tires, spark plugs, brake pads, etc. These will be charged according to the number of products used for the car repair job (ie. 2 brake pads, 1 tire). 

Invoicing for labor: The labor section covers all work done on the auto repair, such as changing oil, replacing the timing belt, etc. This is usually charged according to the time spent or as a standard charge for each type of repair.

Separate charges for parts and labor: An important part of an invoice for car repairs is to show separate sub-totals for the parts and labor sections. This way, the customer can clearly identify the charges for the actual parts used in the car, and the amount they are paying for the mechanical work carried out on their vehicle, rather than bulking up the invoice with one charge that can be confusing.

Clear item descriptions: Auto repair invoicing includes a lot of different details. For car parts, there will be information such as the brand name and product specifications, whether the part is new or reconditioned, and more. For labor, there are numerous types of repairs that must be specified and described in order to make the invoice as clear as possible for the customer. Make sure the descriptions cover all the important details without being overly complicated.


Avoid The Following Invoicing Mistakes

Here are some tips about mistakes to avoid when creating your invoice template for auto repair, so you can get paid fast:

Don’t be too cluttered 

Invoicing for auto repair can include a lot of detail and information. Make sure to create an invoice template that doesn’t look too busy and crowded. Cramming too much information into one invoice can make it hard for the customer to digest. For very complex jobs, it’s fine to let your car repair invoice go over two or more pages. In fact, it’s preferable to an overcrowded invoice.

Don’t stick to black and white

There is no reason for an auto repair shop invoice template to be boring. Spice up the invoice with your logo and a pleasant color scheme. It’s amazing what a splash of color, like a border or divider, can do to make an invoice that much more visually appealing.

Don’t mix up your items

Running a car repair shop involves the use of hundreds if not thousands of different car parts, and dozens upon dozens of different types of repair work. Creating an auto repair invoice online gives you the benefit of being able to pre-define all the different types of parts and labor in the software system. Then, you only need to select the right ones for the invoice, and they will be automatically included, together with their specific cost. This will prevent confusion and error that can occur when dealing with so many different items that customers can be billed for. 


Auto Repair Invoice Software – Drive Your Business Forward

Every mechanic can benefit from creating auto repair invoices online. It’s just a matter of choosing an invoicing software with a customizable invoice template that’s best for you. Let the software do the hard work, while you enjoy fast, simple invoicing that leaves you with maximum time for the real work: car repairs.

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