Customers haven’t paid yet? Just nag ‘em.

Stop wasting your time and energy chasing after customers who are late on payments. Just use our nag feature, which sends customers payment reminders on your behalf.

Based on real-time data in the system

Sends both e-mail and text message reminders

Add an optional payment link

Automated aid with getting paid

It’s the end of the month and, along with all your other tasks, you have to go around checking in with various customers to see who has and hasn’t paid you yet. Who has the time? Let us do it for you. Our system will automatically detect invoices that haven’t been paid yet, and the nag feature will send automatic email or text message reminders to the customers who need them.

Go your own way

Not ready to go fully automated just yet? The nag feature can also be used manually. Just select a customer and a time interval (3 days before the due date, a week before, etc.) , and the payment reminder will go out when you’ve set it to.

Get paid faster

Our nag feature knows that credit cards are the fastest, most convenient way to get paid. That’s why we allow you to create an optional credit card payment link to be sent to customers along with their reminder. That way, they can pay right away.

Let’s get down to business

Our system is so good you’ll have to see it to believe it. That’s why we offer a 45-day free trial with the full suite of features.
Our selected features

Automatic production of documents


through credit or bank account


Setting up and/or connecting a credit card terminal


Management of customers, employees and tasks


Cash register for your physical store


control the budget of each project


Your time is translated into an invoice


Know exactly what you have in store, digital or physical, at any moment.


Record business expenses easily


Customer payment reminders


Connect our system to yours

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