What’s the only thing better than a state-of-the-art CRM that is built to adapt to your unique business? A CRM that is built already integrated with every single aspect of your business.

When the data insights from your CRM are informed by your accounting data, your website data, your payment data and more, optimizing your business strategy gets a whole lot easier.

Let's state the obvious

It makes much more sense to merge the information about your customers into one location. That’s why the majority of management tools offer ways to integrate with other tools. However, these integrations aren’t always 100% stable and you are likely to encounter issues.

With iCount you can simply work with one tool that doesn’t simply integrate with all these other cool tools, but actually is all the features you need.

Kinda like not buying wheels, doors, an engine and windshield in several different locations and then putting your car up together, but actually buying the whole car at once, ready to go.

Once you have your iCount CRM running with your accounting and your time tracking you are free to promote your business, without having to deal with the little things like making sure these different systems talk to each other.

Save Time

With tasks

Manage your business operations end to end with iCount’s smart tasking. Set reminders, assign tasks to employees, and track progress all in a smart, unified dashboard.

You can even create complex tasks across multiple areas of your business.

Enrich Data

on customers and leads

Capture, track and mange leads into a single dashboard, using a variety of tools. Easily calculate potential LTV and ROI.

Build customer loyalty by knowing your customers better, thus ensuring they the right service, support and communications exactly when needed.


Your Calendar

Sync your schedule with iCount to allow customers to book appointments and make reservations in real time.  Reduce no-shows by allowing customers to pay in advance and setting up automatic customer reminder emails so they don’t forget.

Pipeline Sales

visualize bottlenecks

Easily set potential revenue to customers and leads and visualize your pipeline through iCount’s graphical interface, allowing you to drag and drop them across multiple customizable milestones.

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