With a Snap

Stop spending your precious time tracking down and sorting your receipts! Track expenses with iCount’s user friendly data capture portal to gain valuable insights into your spending trends.

The truth about expenses

You will never hear a business owner saying “Oh how I love to manage my expenses”. It’s a pain, and it’s actually much easier to grab all your expense receipts and expense invoices and just hand them over to your bookkeeper so that he/she can deal with them.

The downside is that you are losing the potential insight into your business operations and also – we know for a fact that this will make you lose some of your expense documents in the process as it’s much more accurate to log these expenses right as they happen.

At iCount, we our doing everything we can to make this process easy for you by allowing simple expense logging from any device, anytime.


your expenses efficiently

Snap a picture and store your receipts digitally, even when you’re on the go! iCount’s labeling ability allows you to categorize all expenses to be sorted easily for future analysis. All currency will be normalized to help you draw accurate comparisons.


your spend better

Sort and view your all expense data easily to understand where and how your company is spending its money. iCount’s expense reporting gives you the ability to organize your expense data to best serve you and your needs.



Tax Season Less Painful

Make your life easier and automatically send your accountant your expenses.  iCount’s secure expense library stores your receipts so they can be readily accessed, saving you both time and money.


Financials for the future

Leverage your expense data to get you to the next level. Expense reports feed directly into iCount’s robust reporting systems, allowing you to understand your financial big picture when exploring your company’s future possibilities.

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