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The Best CRM

for small businesses

Voted the #1 CRM for Small Business.

iCount’s CRM integrates seamlessly into your entire business, from inventory to billing. Never spend time on manual data entry again!

Manage your customers and tasks, and log different events such as calls, contracts and more.


Everything you Need

To Run Your Business

iCount has everything you need to run your business. Manage your invoicing, payments, billing, expense management, CRM, inventory, projects, time tracking and much more all from a single platform. iCount integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms to deliver world class multi-level reporting and management for every aspect of your business.

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Voted the #1 CRM

For Small Businesses

100% Integrated

No more passing information between systems. Accounting, Projects, CRM - all working together.

Easy to Use

Most CRMs are either unwieldy behemoths or so pared down they are almost useless. iCount is different.

Smart and Customizable

Easily set and customize information fields that are relevant to your specific business.

Optimizing your CRM

with iCount

We understand that a solid customer base makes up the backbone of any small business. That’s why we want to give you the tools to easily maintain and grow your customer relationships. But those relationships can’t be captured by only looking at one email interaction, one invoice, one refund or one sale. You need a system that can give a holistic view of every aspect of your business.

That’s where iCount comes in. With iCount you don’t need multiple systems. Invoicing, time tracking, project management and many other services along with an integrated CRM are built into the system for the best at-a-glance view you can imagine.

No longer lose valuable data when a lead becomes a customer. No longer manually enter accounting and payment data from other systems into your CRM and no longer manually edit payment states.

Spend more time interacting with your customers and less time logging it.



CRM from your Smartphone


Out on a jobsite or just away from your office? No problem. Access your CRM data on the go with our phone app.

Easily contact customers, assign tasks and log information from anywhere so you never lose sight of your data, and never forget a conversation with a customer.


CRM for multiple agents


Some CRM platforms will penalize you for growing your business by limiting the number of agents that can use the CRM platform. At iCount, we have a different approach.

There’s no limit on the number of agents that can use the CRM no matter where or when they access it. Your entire operation’s CRM is synced, updated, and online.

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Our selected features

Automatic production of documents


through credit or bank account


Setting up and/or connecting a credit card terminal


Management of customers, employees and tasks


Cash register for your physical store


control the budget of each project


Your time is translated into an invoice


Know exactly what you have in store, digital or physical, at any moment.


Record business expenses easily


Customer payment reminders


Connect our system to yours

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