Best Time Clock App for Small Business


Punchio by iCount is the best time clock app for small businesses that are looking to integrate their time tracking capabilities into their ongoing accounting.

Track punch in and punch out times by your employees, and log hours worked by your employees – convert hours into invoices and enjoy accurate, transparent billing.


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For any type of business

iCount is an omni-solution, that provides the tools you need to run your business. Invoicing, CRM, project management, inventory, payments,  time tracking and more. You choose the tools you need and are right for your unique business.
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Top 3 things about

Time Tracking with iCount

App / Browser

Time tracking via a dedicated application or directly from your computer

Easy Setup

No need to buy expensive hardware. Each employee uses existing devices to log hours.

Tracks Location

You can also choose to track the location of the employee when he/she logs hours

The Best Time Tracking

for small businesses

Time tracking is a part of a much larger operation. You track hours so you can pay your employees, and you track hours so you can charge your customers accurately. That’s why with iCount, time tracking is just one step in a process that starts from onboarding your customer, assigning the employee that is in charge of that customer and tracking time worked for that customer. 

Time tracking for a small business is especially important since there tend to be less back-office personnel to handle logging of such important information and sadly, this information sometimes gets lost, which leads to loss of tracked hours and lower billing.

The best way to perform time tracking for a small business, is to make sure that you give your employees tools that are easy to use, and that integrate with their daily routine.

Time Tracking from your Smartphone


Use your Android/iOS device to install the dedicated Punchio app, and let your employees track their punch in and punch out times from their own devices. 

The app can even detect when you enter the office and when you leave the office – and automatically log you in and out.

Invoicing from your Computer


Time tracking is also available from the web browser. Simply login and punch in. Once punched in you can use time tracking capabilities to log hours and then convert hours to billable invoices.

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Our selected features

Automatic production of documents


through credit or bank account


Setting up and/or connecting a credit card terminal


Management of customers, employees and tasks


Cash register for your physical store


control the budget of each project


Your time is translated into an invoice


Know exactly what you have in store, digital or physical, at any moment.


Record business expenses easily


Customer payment reminders


Connect our system to yours

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